Avinal ERP in Construction Project Management


Dear colleagues,

In a construction project, it can send tens of thousands of site-based manufacturing quantity data, which we get from the 3D model, to all modules that need to be found (Quantity - Offer, Survey and Progress Payment - Activity Analysis - Primavera Work Program - Manufacturing Determination - Budget) with a“Single Click”., We can perform all the operations that need to be processed in these modules and receive tens of thousands of reports that require a “Single Click”.


Actually, this is a REVOLUTION in "Construction Project Management".


What I want to do here is to adapt the current perspectives of all construction sector representatives to the technologies of the day.


I would like to remind you of a fact that should not be forgotten with Earl Wilson's saying,
"If the work you did yesterday looks good to you today, you are not enough for today".


In Avinal ERP, we have integrated the "Construction Project Management" operations into "One Click" operations with BIM Integration.


In this graphic and at the points you click, I will try to explain and summarize the "One Touch" processes, which we describe as a REVOLUTION in "Construction Project Management", with videos, visual, voiced "Word" narration and voiced "Excel" report files.


I think we can start the tour of "One Touch" operations and "Avinal ERP" operations from the "Technical Office", which is the wheelhouse of Construction Project Management.