In the book named “Construction Management Standards of Practice”  published by CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) and translated by Prof. Dr. V. Doğan Sorguç, the Quality Management terms are described as:



The degree to which the project and its components meet the owner's expectations, objectives, standards, and intended purpose; determined by measuring conformity of the project to the plans, specifications, and applicable standards.


Quality Management

The process of planning, organization, implementation, monitoring and documenting of a system of policies and procedures that coordinate and direct relevant project resources and activities in a manner that will achieve quality.


Quality Control

The continuous review, certification, inspection, and testing of project components, including persons, systems, materials, documents, techniques, and workmanship to determine whether or not such components conform to the plans, specifications, and applicable standards.


Quality Assurance

The application of planned and systematic methods to verify that quality control procedures are being effectively implemented.


Quality Management is naturally a basic service of the project manager. Similar to that, the construction project manager, even if s/he joins the project in the preliminary design phase or at any other phase, his primary responsibility is to develop and apply a comprehensive quality management plan.


We think that the system to provide that is to adjust to ISO 9000 standards series. We will see that all construction firms will adapt themselves to those standards at a very near future.