What is Project Management?


The phenomenon of “Construction Project Management” or in its wider scope “Project Management” is a phenomenon that has been going on for thousands of years and its content has almost never changed compared to today.


The Purpose of Project Management; By using time, money, manpower, machinery and equipment in the most efficient way; It is to complete the project in the most appropriate time, with the most affordable budget, in the best quality way.


Briefly; We can define it as on time, in budget, in quality.

It is not the purpose that has changed in today's technology, but the tools and the methodology of these tools.
Today's technology has brought applicability 'Do-How' rather than knowledge and skill 'Know-How' to "Construction Management".


If we consider management as an art and a science at the same time; We can consider the part of directing a group of people to the determined targets and ensuring the division of labor and coordination among them as the art of management.


The main purpose of project management, the most efficient use of time, money, manpower, machinery and equipment, is the scientific content of the management to complete the project in the most appropriate time, with the most appropriate budget, in the highest quality.

The art of management, which carries out the act of getting things done through others, may require personal characteristics, skills, experience.


Management science on the other hand; requires detailed preliminary work, planning, comparing the current situation with the planning goals, measuring and evaluating, drawing a projection with these situation determinations, and being able to see the future more accurately in order to determine the goals correctly.


Skill in management science starts with mastering knowledge and data. If you can access information and data, the information is yours. The accuracy of your management decisions is correct in proportion to the accuracy of the information and data you can access. And it is data to be managed. Not being able to access the data will cause major disruptions in your project that you will manage.


Success in project management can only be achieved as a result of the harmony of management art and management science.