The functions of the CMMA’s Service and Application Standards of Construction Management are discussed under the following subtitles:

      1. Project Management
      2. Cost Management
      3. Time Management
      4. Quality Management
      5. Application of Contract
      6. Work security program

These subtitles, although should be considered in each phase of the "Construction Project Management", are more of importance in the Execution Phase.

Isn’t it more suitable to analyze these 6 functions that are included in job description of Construction Management under two main titles of “Management” and “Supervision”?

What do we plan and manage? What do we supervise?

Project, cost and period have the dimensions of quantity, time and money and should be examined by data evaluation programs which have an arithmetical algorithm. These concepts which should be considered under the title “Management/Planning”, depend on people’s ability to manage, software and tools that are used, or the direction of management decisions.

Concepts of quality, agreement, work security should be considered under the title "Supervision". They are not limited by the talents of a manager, they are the objectives that are determined by agreements, standards, and contracts. They do not posses arithmetical algorithms. When talking about them, what we have to do is conforming the rules, methods and standards. No need to use data evaluation programs.