Evaluation of Progress (Progress Payment):

Progress payment is a partial payment paid by the owner, verifying that portions of the Work have been accomplished. But basically, it is an invoice showing the quantity of the realized construction, unit price of the construction items and the cost of the realized construction. The conditions, payment intervals and the format of this invoice are defined in the agreement.

We’ve told that the “Work Schedule is an alive system”. If the work schedule is really followed, all work orders are given by the software and all changes related to the activities are updated daily, the work schedule is also the source database of the progress payment reports.

In the work schedule, we can easily follow when and in what amount a production will be or have been made. In other words, the portion of the construction made at a certain period can easily be figured out using the work schedule. The evaluation of this quantity data with the prices in our analysis or unit price databanks is the content of the invoice called  “Progress Payment.”