Real Budget:

The most suitable budget for the construction site is determined in the construction site. That’s what we have already described as “Required Budget”. But the headquarters is responsible for the costs in many construction sites and its own costs. All projects should be considered as a whole and the payment plan should be arranged depending upon the degree of importance. In other words, real payments are made according to the possibilities at the headquarters, not according to what is required at the construction site. At that point, the “Real Budget” is formed.

How can you ensure that the central management takes the right decisions? If you can’t compare the planned budget, the required budget and the real budget in a brief table and inform the management about the ratio of the realized portion of the work to the planned, how can you affect the management decisions in a right way?

The content of “Avinal ERP” solves all those communication and data verification problems. We ensure that, all people in a project can reach their own project data and easily share with other units.