Avinal provides the advantages of execution – planning – control – measurement evaluation, in line with the 3D-, 4D-, 5D- and 6D-technologies in the “Construction Project Management”, thanks to the “Construction Project Management ERP” + BIM + Document Management tools and working principles of which it is the rightful builder and programmer. 




“Construction Project Management” or “Project Management” as put in a broader sense is a concept of which the content has remained nearly unchanged for thousands of years.

Considering that the Management is conceptualized as a form of art and a field of science, stimulating a group of people towards a predefined goal, and ensuring division of labor and coordination among them can be considered as the art of management.

Scientific scope of the management on the other hand is referred to as completing the project within the most optimized budget in a most timely and quality manner while combining the most efficient use of time, money, labor, machinery and equipment, which is the ultimate goal of the project management.


Avinal is capable of assisting you on this “SCIENTIFIC SCOPE.”




With our ability to INTEGRATE our own ERP system with the most recent BIM technology, we recognize that we can offer you great convenience and advantages in each phase of the “Construction Project Management” (Project – Preparation – Execution – Planning – Measurement & Evaluation).

Execution content of  the “Technical Office Services of 5 Dimensional Project Management” will consist of the following 2 titles.
A** Creating the Master Plan


B** Technical Office Services



Each project should start with a right quantity survey and an accurate “Master Plan.”


We initiate this service under the BIM roof during the project phase and deliver the service by updating it in every phase within the ERP method.


In Project Phase; Quantity survey obtained with 3D Modelling is the most important preliminary work that we consider as an essential step in the “Construction Project Management.”



-An Accurate Quantity Survey is the essential element of an Accurate Estimation and proposal
-An Accurate Estimation is a precondition of an accurate planning
-An Accurate Planning is an indispensable part of an accurate execution and procurement, cash flow control, team      optimization, manufacturing follow-up, and measurement & evaluation


Therefore, in this phase;
1** Using 3D “Allplan”, we re-draw all the projects (Ferroconcrete, Architectural, Electric, Mechanical, Landscape) supplied by project owners in order to obtain, with an accuracy of up to 99%, quantities on the basis of the construction site and floors.

This 3D study serves as a tool to underline the discrepancies between Architectural and Ferroconcrete projects of those which may exist in application details.

After this preliminary estimation study, we perform Technical Office Services during the execution phase in the following manner;

During the execution phase, we perform 3D modelling of all manufacturing changes (As-Built projects), update and monitor quantities and estimation in every step of the way. Changes that may occur in the manufacturing quantities can be simultaneously followed. This means that the impact of each change on planning and Master Plan can be assessed in terms of orders and budget while reaching the contractor progress payments in a “single click”.

2** In terms of quantities of the Mechanical and Electric manufacturing obtained from the projects, we collect all project quantities BASED ON THE CONSTRUCTION SITE within Avinal ERP system using the same methodology, while extracting countable manufacturing processes based on the construction site and measurable manufacturing processes based on floors.

3** Using this highly accurate quantities data, we are able to easily create the “Tender Estimation”. Detailing manufacturing analyses of this estimation and finding the right unit prices with a thorough market research of necessary resources and unit prices, we further create manufacturing process' preliminary estimation for your project on monetary basis.

4**In accordance with our experience in construction; using Primavera, we create a presumptive “Work Schedule”, having the details to embody all the manufacturing processes, we obtain procurement lists and progress payments on monetary basis, and we establish budget and payment plans accordingly. 

5** Within this methodology, Budget and Cash flow charts will be created as closely as possible to the reality and each update in the project will be able to be easily reflected on all related databases.

This study, which should be performed in the Project phase for the investor and before the start of Manufacturing phase for the Contractor, is referred to as “Creating the Master Plan.”


We deliver all technical office services (Quantitative, Monetary and Temporal) during the execution phase of the construction as your trusted Technical Office subcontractor.  

With the following article, we humbly attempt to inform you on the scope and details of these services that we carry out.

Two following aspects of the Construction Management scope are the most important;

1** Planning

Temporal data obtained as a result of the planning phase are the most required data forming the project “Master Plan.”  


An international construction firm typically expects a CPM Software, which is one of the “Construction Management” tool, to deliver the following;


1- Able to create the Work Orders and ensure discipline in manufacturing follow-up

2- Able to designate lists of requirements for the resources, edit material procurement lists depending upon time periods, and create real-like payment plans  

3- Able to determine needs of the labor, perform team optimization

4- Able to determine income & expenses values within the budget and cash flow reports on a time scale

5- Able to make the progress payments of the company or the subcontractor

6- Able to indicate the impact of the actualization of each manufacturing process on the current work's term and cost


Being able to perform these functions is only possible if the planning is developed with necessary details. This can be completed only within an integration of ERP – Primavera. 


During the execution phase, Avinal performs 3D follow-up of all manufacturing changes (As-Built projects) and simulatenously tracks changes in manufacturing quantities. This means that exporting each change to the Work Schedule, updating the Work Schedule or impacts of these changes on the Master Plan are able to be interpreted in terms of execution or budget.


2** Measurement and Evaluation

One of the most significant reasons of the fact that the construction projects leave far behind what is aimed at and thus end with a financial loss is that contractors do not have the necessary sense or system of “Measurement and Evaluation.”


The only way to succeed in Construction Management is to be able to control all data and to possess a system that can digitize all the risks. This system is called the ERP.


What kind of services do we offer to your Firm at AVİNAL (Project Management Technical Office)?

As many of you knows it, Avinal has been developing an ERP software with the content of “Construction Management System Tools” since 1991. The ERP systems ensure discipline within the operation of process management of the jobs that the firm undertakes.    
We engage in executing technical office services for your project the operating discipline described in the graph on the first page, and providing the necessary trainings. 


Works to be carried out first are indicated below.

Following the creation of the Master Plan, which I explained on the first page, during the execution phase;


1** Estimation studies based on items that are required for subcontractor tenders will be carried out by our company.
We advise you to ask subcontractor proposals on the basis of unit price. This would ease measurement & evaluation, creation of progress payments for subcontractors, in short operation of the ERP system within an algorithmic structure.

2** By creating activity analyses using the estimation studies, we will come up with a work schedule which is outlined by the project manager and will ensure the most efficacious follow-up of all manufacturing items.

3** By assigning a staff in charge of each technical and manufacturing process; we will ensure follow-up of the work schedule in a way that it functions with the daily work orders. 


These operations are the most important steps in “Measurement and Evaluation.” You cannot manage what you cannot measure. 

Based on my experience in this field; I would say that in a 150000 m2 shopping mall project, the work schedule will consist of 10000-15000 addressed (construction diary) manufacturing items which has 5000-6000 activities and is formed on the basis of floor. These manufacturing processes will be able to be monitored day-by-day based on the subcontractor in charge. Outputs from all subcontractors will be able to be recorded in the scoring module on the basis of man/hour. Material usage, in comparison with the manufacturing analyses, will be able to be controlled in the warehouse module.

These measurements will in return provide us with the information on the results which we will obtain in line with these actualizations and give the management the opportunity for “diagnosis and treatment.”

In systems and configurations where measurement and evaluation is not possible, this opportunity cannot present itself and the situation can be understood when it's too late.  

Based on this structured work schedule and Manufacturing Designation (Measurement and Evaluation) data;


We can create dozens of subcontractor progress payments within minutes (in single click)
We can state the budget data (within seconds)
We can prepare monetary and quantitative reports of resource requirements (in weekly and monthly charts) and export these reports to Excel

Based on the values that this work schedule requires; we can acknowledge needs of your team, study on your team optimization and show the results

We can make sure that the impact of Planning on the Analysis values are measured and the analyses are accomodated.

Based on your work schedule; your assumptions of labor and machinery hours in your manufacturing analyses are calculated, and a comparison is made so that you can determine the right values and automatically correct your analyses.


4** Potential changes in the project during execution phase will be instantly transferred to the 3D model by Avinal team. This will ensure having an up-to-date work schedule and budget at all times.

5** As you are aware, Accounting and warehouse module of Avinal delivers smooth data exchange with the LOGO (which you use in your formal accounting) or a similar software (including SAP).


6** In addition, if you own a CRM software, it is able to import sales data from your CRM software. This transmission can be more extensive, if desired.


This will create the loan requirements to be used according to the budget income data or the exigence of the decisions made on the execution pace of the work.

Construction cost accounting, in parallel with the formal accounting, needs follow-up within its own rules and methodology in order to ensure tracking of construction cost accounting, measurement & evaluation, budget, cash flow, payment plans, procurement decisions, demand and procurement phases in a complete integration. The Avinal team will provide training for your staff and inspect the accuracy of your data so that the integration is performed properly.




In construction projects, completing the works “ON THE RIGHT TIME, IN THE RIGHT PLACE” by the teams according to the “Work Schedule” is typically one of the most important issues. We can control this problem in the following manner:

Integration of the BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth low energy) technology to the system ensures follow-up of staff, tools and equipment in construction and work sites. This technology allows real-time locating in indoors (with no GPS signal). By means of the BLE technology, which is under integration to our system, we are developing a low-cost and practical tracking system.


We save BLE 4.0 devices to the database by means of  the PYTHON scripts which operate on the open source linux operating system running on Raspberry recipient stations.


The recipient systems that we use for locating the BLE 4.0 transmitters, and recording the distance information, signal intensity and MAC address operate with Raspberry PI 3. Then, by filtering this information collected on multiple Raspberry stations with the algorithm that we are currently developing, we are able to easily report in which stations the BLE transmitters on individuals are located and view this information on real-time (online) when needed.


IN CONCLUSION; As your Technical Office Consultant or ERP system builder and training provider; we are capable of running an exemplary building project by assuming responsibilities related to services and operation in all phases. We can further offer training on the ERP system content to your personnel and deliver the following services:


Construction Project Management data are


- Modelling for the purpose of quantity survey
- Quantity survey, Manufacturing Analyses, Preparation of Unit Prices

-Estimation Preparation


-Material and logistics follow-up

-Procurement Decisions

-Payment Plan


-Cash Flow

-Execution / Daily Work Orders

-Work Schedule Updates

-The advantage of runnign the Work Schedule with real man/hour data, in line with the data obtained from the performance follow-up systems
-Progress Payments for Subcontractors
-Measurement & Evaluation (on every domain, every title)
-Cost Control
-Stock Control

-Measurement and evaluation of the entire master plan with the reports of manufactured items and expenses

-Payment plan, payment decisions: It is possible to create a payment plan based on the decisions you made in the procurement database, view the impacts of these decisions on the profit and loss account statement, and make new arrangements based on the negative situations that may be observed on the cash flow statement. 


At the end of the work, you will be able to create a company data and report memory from which the information to be obtained can be used in the upcoming projects. 


Ahmet Avinal is a 1972 METU graduate of Architecture Faculty. He acted as Construction Site Engineer in 1972-73, Inspector in public sector in 1974-75, Head of Technical Office  in Construction Firms in 1976-78, Project Manager in Construction Firms in 1979-83, Contractor holding a Group A Report Card in 1983-87, Director in Construction Sector in 1987-91. He established Avinal software-consulting Ltd. Firm in 1991 where he started developing software on “Construction Management” and deliver Construction Management Consulting services. Acting as a lecturer in Istanbul Kültür University from 2001 to 2005, and Yıldız Technical University from 2008 to 2010 where he taught “Construction Management” in master's degree classes and senior year classes in Civil Engineering. Ahmet Avinal also taught Planning in an MBA Programme on “Construction Management” at ITU (2002-2003). He attended seminars on “ERP in Construction Project Management” as a keynote speaker in eight universities. He presented six academic papers on “Planning and Measurement & Evaluation” during International Construction Management conferences.
Mr. Avinal is the founding partner of an consulting and inspection firm, PYO Project Management Office, established in 2008.