Problem Definition in The Project Phase:

The software used in project phase have developed considerably in the last 8-10 years, parallel to the improvements in the computer and software sector.  In spite of this, there are only a few software that supports the 3D environment, and the quantity surveying in most of the software has not fully reached the required level. What we have ensured by our common work with the All Plan defined in the “Project Phase” of our “Construction Management” graphic is: 

All Plan is a German originated software and a multi-qualified project solution package that supports 3D projects. It also has improved features on quantity surveying. However, the measurements needed to be coded according to the active project and the country. In other words a Unit Price Library supporting the project was required. On the other hand, Avinal users had the chance to access all of the “Unit Price” lists of public administrations or to create their own "Unit Price Database”. With a data transfer function between these two software, users had the possibility to import “Unit Price” files in “Avinal” to “All Plan” and code the measurements made in “All Plan” accordingly. 

Similarly, the quantity surveying calculated in this three-dimensional architectural graphic package “All Plan” are exported to Avinal to be processed in Avinal, or to be further exported to and used in “Primavera”, which is a construction management set. The data transfer had to be made in a certain format. This was achieved with through a common protocol and work. Thus, it was ensured that the various units (“Project” and “Quantity surveying- Bid - Cost Estimation” and “Planning) working on the same project speak a common language.