Dear Colleague;
This website is not created for advertising purposes. It is an information and training site created for “Construction Industry Professionals”.


It explains and summarizes the details and structure of an ERP for “Construction Industry projects”.
It is not a site to be viewed in 1 or 2 minutes.

I am Ahmet Avinal, graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculity of Architecture, in1972.  
During the first 20 years of my career, I worked in construction projects as,  Site engineer, Technical Office engineer, Project Manager and even as a contractor with a group “A”, contractor license.

This software was released in 1991 as one of the first programs with the content of “Offer, Estimation , Progress Payment” belonging to the construction industry.


This software, which continues to develop in line with the needs in the natural process of development, assumed the identity of an ERP for the needs of the Construction Industry in 2002.


During this period, I conducted “ERP in Construction Project Management” courses as an “Instructor” in various universities, graduate programs, for 5 to 6 years.


Between 2002-2009; I provided consultancy services to Turkish contractor companies in many countries such as Algeria, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Libya, Afghanistan, Romania with the support of “Avinal ERP” software.


After 2010; I carried out consultancy services, which I call "Technical Office Subcontracting", with the support of "Avinal ERP" in large projects carried out by foreign investors in Turkey.


I can say that we are experts in "Construction Industry Specific ERP".


Construction companies have a very confused and incomplete information, about ERP.

The most important point that they are not aware of;
It is the difference between institutional  ERP and sektoral ERP.


Just as a Hotel Enterprise, a Bank Enterprise, an Automobile Production Factory, ERP cannot be controlled by today's well-known Corporate ERPs, Construction Sector projects cannot be carried out and followed up by Corporate ERPs in accordance with their real content.


Constructions may be in different countries or with different contents. Countries may have different currencies and different accounting legislation. Data in Avinal ERP; can have 3 different currencies.  


Let's say; in the same time period; You have various projects carried out in different countries.


What data do you need to keep under control at all times? It's the "budget".


 Even if Avinal ERP is carried out in different countries; You can see the income-expenditure balances of all your constructions as “consolidated” in a single budget report in your center.


Beyond that, what would a boss want!


Yes, we may have said a lot, went into great detail, and told a lot on this website.
Please view this as an informational, educational website.