The phenomenon of “Construction Management” or more broadly “Project Management” is a phenomenon that has been going on for thousands of years and its content has almost never changed compared to today.


The Purpose of Project Management; Using time, money, manpower, machinery and equipment in the most efficient way is to complete the project in the most appropriate time, with the most appropriate budget, in the best quality (which has always been the case), but the tools and the methodology of these tools, not the aim that has changed in today's technology. Today's technology has brought 'Do-How' rather than 'Know-How' to "Construction Management".


All projects are managed. We cannot talk about any project that has not been managed since the formation of humanity. It can't be an airplane hovering, nor can it be in an unmanaged project. An aircraft lands safely on the scheduled time; or in the worst case, it falls to the ground. The important thing is that the projects are completed in the most appropriate time, with the most appropriate budget, in the highest quality, which is the aim of the management.


Management skill starts with having knowledge and data. If you can access information and data, the information is yours. The accuracy of your management decisions is correct in proportion to the accuracy of the information and data you can access. And it is data to be managed. Not being able to access the data will cause major disruptions in your project that you will manage.


Within the functionality of a construction company, the data at all points should be evaluated in a common database.


In order to achieve this, project, quantity, analysis, unit price, offer, progress payment, cost accounting, fixtures, payroll, stock, current account, purchasing plan, payment plan, business plans (Primavera), budget, cash flow statements, profit and loss accounts All data, such as such, must be found in a format suitable for the system you have installed, evaluated, and transmitted to the necessary points in formats suitable for presentation.


In companies, these data are generally in the content of different programs or are the responsibility of different units and individuals.
There are data and information that must come from your engineering software, your accounting program, your business planning (CPM) program, your proposal program, and your quantities. If the necessary data cannot be obtained from these programs with a certain algorithm and evaluated within the programs suitable for your purposes, you will never see your project as a whole.


Regardless of the name of the solution or the name of the programs that make up your system, the data is not under your control unless you can ensure that all data is flowed and evaluated in a common database. Therefore, the results are not under your control. These results will affect you when you least expect it, in a way you never expected.


Solution: In IT technologies, it is in the sector-specific ERP solutions developed for the Construction Sector.