Generally very similar.
** Due to the lack of the habit of making a Work Program;
Inadequate planning of resources, activities and time
** Incorrect estimation of costs and time
** Difficulty accessing required data
** Lack of communication between interested parties
** Obstruction in Measurement and Evaluation channels


So in short:
Data Domination is Problems in Data Communication and Data Management.


Skill in management science starts with mastering of knowledge and data.


If you can access information and data, the information is yours. The accuracy of your management decisions are correct in proportion to the accuracy of the information and data you can access. And it is the data to be managed. Not being able to access the data will cause major disruptions in your project that you will manage.


ERP; "Data Management" in Construction Projects,


It makes it into a form that can be measured, controlled and traced.
It ensures the successful achievement of the planned Results of the project.