The Law on Technical Control:

The Construction Supervision Firms are established in the scope of the “Construction Supervision” law number 4708 which went into effect on 29th June 2001. Following this law, “Construction Management Consultancy” has become completely a separate branch of consultancy services. If we have a look at the functions that are determined by the law, of those companies; wee see that Technical Supervision and Work Security are their basic responsibilities.

The functions of the Construction Supervision Organizations are determined as follows:

  • To examine the soil and base reports of the construction-site and the construction drawings projects with respect to the related laws; to control the construction drawings and calculations and to inform the related administrative office with a conformity report.
  • To undertake the construction control with a written contract, to sign the construction license; to inform the Ministry related to this construction in seven days following the license arrangement.
  • To check if the construction is made with respect to the laws.
  • To check if the material used in construction and the construction conforms the project, technical specifications and standards, to document the results and to make tests with the materials and production made.
  • To give the related administrative office a copy of all documents concerning the supervision services given; if it is found out that the material or the construction doesn't conform the technical specifications and standards, to report the situation to the related administrative offices.
  • Warning the contractor to take the necessary precautions about the work security and the health of the workers. if the necessary precautions still aren't taken attention, informing the related governmental organization.  
  • To inform the related administrative office about the situation in three working days, in case of violation of the license

  1. To report to the related administrative office that the building has been partly or completely finished with respect to its license.
  2. To perform tests on the soil, material and construction in the laboratory according to specifications and standards.