For BIM Implementations to be successful, countries also need to solve some fundamental problems.


1** Products (objects) used in construction projects are one of the basic elements of projects. For common perception in BIM projects, all manufacturing unit price logs must be placed in a common coding system.

In this regard, the CSI (Construction Specification Institute) coding system in Canada can be taken as an example. Founded in 1949 for a similar purpose, this institute has a very wide user base in the world today. A common code system is of great benefit in communicating between all stakeholders of the project, understanding all reports at activity, timelines and other phases.

We cannot talk about a common project detection language without creating a common product code library in BIM projects. This is one of the most basic requirements in ERP solutions for the construction industry.

In the CSI coding system, all manufacturing and products are classified with a code system as follows. ( You can define your own product exposure by placing a dot after these 6 characters in your company unit price pose logs or project production poses.


If you do not have a coding system with a similar systematic, it is not possible for project stakeholders to read and understand BIM data, nor to create the right data communication algorithm, which must be between all modules, in the ERP solution, which is an indispensable tool of "Construction Project Management".

BIM enables the "Construction Project Management" ERP tool, the "Project" phase to find expression in today's technology.

The product codes to be created here are the basic elements of your unit price logs, analysis logs, exploration studies, sources of planning activities, stock coding and reports in all modules.

2** Construction industry, product manufacturers are also required to 3D models their products with their objective and qualitative features to be used in BIM projects and to expose them in this common coding system.

Only in this condition can BIM benefit in its real functions. ERP systems can run smoothly. This coding system is the most basic element of the mother tongue among the stakeholders in the construction industry.