CPM / PERT / PCS are the Project Planning and Timing Methodologies which have been being developed since 1957-1958. These methodologies have gained more of importance since 1960 after the Contractor Union in United States proved the application and training of CPM and obliged its usage in big Projects. 

Presently, there are many software based on the algorithm of those methods such as Primavera, Microsoft Project, Suretrak, Timeline, Artemis and many others.

The most important functions of CPM Software are

      1-     Planning the activities or designation of the Work Order (Pursuing of Work Order),
2-     Identification and assignment of the appropriate labor and material resources,
3-     Determination of the Prebudget,
4-     Determination of the Real Budget for the Progress Payment.

The application of CPM is nearly none in the Construction Business in Turkey. Even if it is used, its functions are reduced to a "Gannt Chart" program. Generally, Microsoft Project and Primavera are the preferred ones. "Time Planning"(CPM), methods are mostly private interest rather than being a part of the firm culture. 

The reasons are that:
1- the application of CPM is not obligatory
2- the construction business is unfamiliar to ERP applications
3- the lack of knowledge and training

Because of the lack of knowledge, "Project Planning" software such as Primavera, Microsoft Project are perceived to be not a part of but the whole "Construction Management System".