My Greatest Fortune in the Profession;
In my professional life that began in 1972, my greatest fortune occurred in 1973 when I was assigned by Mr. Savaş Berkmen to prepare a presentation on the Critical Path Method (CPM) while working in a public institution. It took me two months to prepare, and during this task, I provided a 3-4 day training to approximately 60 technical personnel.
While preparing this content, I came across a quote in the preface of a book I read. The author said, "I dedicate this book to my spouse, whose marriage was prepared with CPM."
This work allowed me to look at "Construction Project Management" with a more accurate vision. It instilled in me the notion of "Work Schedule." If today I own an ERP software related to "Construction Project Management," I owe it to the vision I acquired at an early stage.
An "Construction Project Management" ERP without a foundation in a work schedule is meaningless.