ERP is a system, a discipline.
ERP system programs; It has a structure that will require the restructuring of many functions of the company and change many habits of the working personnel.
It is a new spectacle for the company.


It means a new set of applications for employees. It is not the second job that the employees will do in their spare time, but the first job they should do first. All users are required to receive training on the system according to their duties.


Managements considering working within the ERP System should be determined in practice and prevent working outside the system procedures.


The main purpose of structuring this program is;


a- Within the general function of the company; ensuring control at all points,
b- Providing convenience to the user at all levels in their job within the job description,
c- Ensuring that every responsible person in the system can easily access the data required by his/her job and transfer the data related to the duties he/she is responsible for to the system easily.


The decision to switch to the ERP system should be a managerial decision of the company.


* ERP is the cornerstone of Institutionalization. Here, it is important how ready the company is for institutionalization.
* The company should act with the idea that “ERP is a system, not a package program”.
* The management should make this a goal and put an end to individual practices that come from old habits.
* There are systems, not dependence on individuals, on the basis of corporate identity. People can change, systems are     permanent.
* Systems are not installed dependent on people, people must work in accordance with the systems.