The Place of ERP in Construction Projects


Success in project management can only be achieved as a result of the harmony of management art and management science.
ERP is the environment in which management science comes to life in construction projects.


Skill in management science starts with mastering knowledge and data. If you can access information and data, the information is yours. The accuracy of your management decisions is correct in proportion to the accuracy of the information and data you can access. And it is data to be managed. Not being able to access the data will cause major disruptions in your project that you will manage.


ERP; In today's technology, management science is an indispensable tool that has brought practicability 'Do-How' rather than knowledge and skill 'Know-How' to "Construction Management".


Within the functionality of a construction company, it is necessary to be present at these stages and to be able to evaluate the data that needs to be recorded in a common database.


In order to achieve this, all processes such as project, quantity, analysis, unit price, offer, progress payment, cost accounting, fixtures, payroll, stock, current account, purchasing plan, payment plan, work schedule, budget, cash flow statements, profit and loss accounts. The data must be found in a format suitable for the established system, evaluated and conveyed to the necessary points in formats suitable for presentation.


ERP software is basically tools that provide data dominance, sharing and management. If we collect the data of the construction sector under 2 headings as documentary data and numerical data;


Documentary data are documents such as projects, technical specifications, contracts and correspondence documents.
Quantitative, monetary and temporal data are numerical data.
These are data such as quantities, unit prices, analysis, work program activity contents, realization percentages, measurement-evaluation data, scoring data, accounting data, purchasing and warehouse data.


Although the data that should be kept in the ERP scheme is similar in general terms, it is specific for each construction project. For this reason, each construction site and each project should be evaluated as a separate ERP project.