Dear colleagues; I have been an active member of our construction industry since 1972.

Ahmet Avinal CV
As a person who produces the first examples of Construction Software in our country, I have been in one-to-one communication and exchange of information with thousands of companies and ten thousdands of technical personnel since the establishment of Avinal Software Company in 1991.
Especially after the 2000s, I worked with our contractor companies in countries such as Algeria, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Romania, Libya as an ERP system installer, Planning and Construction Management consultant.
I watched the construction conditions, human resources and positions of Turkish Contractors in these geographies.


I am proud of the dynamism of the Turkish people, their willingness to work without the concept of overtime, their courage, their practical intelligence and their practical skills. Every time I compare the human resources in these countries with our own people, this difference has given me excitement and happiness.


Is it not for this reason that we have been able to carry out works on thousands of construction sites in more than 60 countries since the 2001 crisis. In 2008, we were determined as the 3rd in the world after America and Japan in terms of business capacity, and the 2nd in the world after China in 2009. Our companies have entered into a very rapid growth, while some companies started as subcontractors for works worth 15-20 million USD, they reached a work capacity of 300-500 million USD in a very short time. They have embraced and completed the investments all over the world without making much calculations, but with the practicality and courage of the Turkish people, with their calculations.


“I am proud of the dynamism of the Turkish people, their willingness to work without the concept of overtime, their courage and practical intelligence.” I said. However, the majority of our Contracting Firms are paying a heavy price for their unprofessional structuring and their unsystematic, uncalculated and unscheduled approach to projects. Our subcontractors, workers, technical personnel and the market pay this price more than the Contractor companies.
Rather than the professionalism of the main contractor companies, which brings the Turkish Contracting sector to the 2nd position in the world; The dynamism, industriousness, practical intelligence of Turkish people and especially our subcontractor companies' knowledge of their own business and their practical skills are among the features.

Our companies are successful members of the "Art of Management".
But unfortunately, our Contracting Firms could not achieve this success in the physical realization of the constructions as financial success due to lack of planning, lack of system, measurement and evaluation.


Financial success can only be achieved by fulfilling the requirements of "Management Science" and "Construction Project Management" in accordance with today's technology and rules.