Planning is the brain of the "Construction Project Management" phenomenon, it is indispensable.

A work program detailed in Primavera also has an algorithm and detail that should be. You cannot
think of the work schedule as a “Bar Chart”.

The most important point in the Management of Construction Projects is the right planning. In order
to talk about planning in a project;

- That all responsible and teams in that construction site act by taking their daily or weekly work
orders from the CPM program used.

-It should be considered that they regularly update the CPM program with the realization
information of the works carried out and that all construction movements are carried out in line with
this planning.

Functions and configurations expected from CPM programs; It is necessary to separate the times
when ERP systems are not formed as before and after. In the absence of data sharing and access,
expectations from CPM programs were high.

In pre-ERP times, CPM programs were considered as a solution tool for functions such as "Budgeting,
Creating income and expense statements, resource allocation, purchasing decisions".

As I mentioned in a statement I gave in 2009,
1-Creating Work Orders, thus ensuring the discipline of manufacturing follow-up
2-Determining the resource requirement lists. Arranging material purchasing lists based on time,
making payment plans
3-Determining workforce needs, making team optimizations
4-Determining the budget income and expense values and cash flow reports on the time scale
5-In order to provide functions such as making company or subcontractor progress payments,

if you cannot send the data that should be in the work program in the necessary detail, you cannot
provide these 5 items that I mentioned above.

A "Work Program" that doesn't enable you to do these things is garbage.

In order for you to do the work in these 5 items correctly, Primavera or similar work program must
be able to work in integration with a "Sectoral ERP" developed for construction industry

In the attached videos, I will explain this by visualizing what I have said.
The first video is an example of the details of the activities to take place in Primavera due to the
importance of planning.

001- Video about the details that should be included in the Work Program

 Avinal ERP-Primavera Intengration.mp4