Construction Project Management Technology Today

We said that management can be considered an art and a science at the same time.


Today, when we talk about BIM technology and solutions, ERP software, CLOUD sharing environments, 4, 5, 6, 7 dimensional project management (5D-6D-7D) concepts, we cannot ignore the science of "Construction Project Management".


Today's technology has brought applicability 'Do-How' rather than knowledge and skill 'Know-How' to "Construction Management".
It is not the purpose that has changed in today's technology, but the tools and the methodology of these tools.


Today, 'Construction Project Management' is a science in itself with a wide range of technology and information content that cannot be defined with the content of 'Project Management Knowledge Guide, PMBOK' and cannot be terminated with the title of 'Project Management Professional, PMP'.


Today, we cannot separate “Construction Project Management” from BIM, ERP, CRM, PLANNING and Document Management applications. In the 2000s, these applications are indispensable tools of today's technology, which opened the working environment in companies to common use and provided information and data sharing at a high level.


It has become an inevitable necessity for this content to be included as a separate four-year undergraduate program in our Universities, as we have seen examples in countries such as America, England and France.