Work Order (Pursuing of Work Order):

In a construction project you see whether the project is carried on according to a CPM program easily by having a glance at the work orders. In a construction project whose schedule is created in a CPM software, the “Work Orders” are reported automatically every morning. The list of tasks to be done during that day or week by any unit or technical personnel are easily reported and received.

The work schedule is an alive system. Every morning the daily tasks of all units are reported by the software; in the evening the changes are processed in the program and are examined to see how the deviations affect the result; the precautions to be taken in the future activities to catch the target are figured out and recalculated.

"Avinal ERP" System went a step further. Technical personnel and the responsible personnel for the production is assigned to the activities in the Proposal Module. Those assignments are transferred to Primavera together with the activity data. Later on, daily Work Orders concerning those assignments are reached in Primavera or Suretrak and reported in "Avinal ERP" at a desired format.