Ahmet Avinal, Architect, 1972 METU
                        1972-83 As a project manager in construction companies,
                        Construction contractor with 1983-87 Group A report card,
                        1987-91 Professional manager in the construction industry


In 1991, “Avinal software-consultancy Inc.” by establishing his company
It started to develop software on "Construction Management".


Between 2001-2005 at Istanbul Kültür University,
2008-2010 and 2018 at Yıldız Technical University
As a lecturer, he taught some courses on "Construction Management" in the master's degree and in the final years of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
He also gave lectures on planning content in the ITU "Construction Management" MBA Program (2002-2003).
He gave seminars on "ERP in Construction Project Management" at 9 different universities at various times.
He has 6 papers presented at "Construction Management" conferences on subjects such as ERP, Planning, Measurement and Evaluation.


In his professional life;


Within the company "AVİNAL Project Management Office", it provides "5D Technical Office" services to investor and contractor companies under the umbrella of Avinal ERP.